No one can deny that good food is like magic. It’s one of the things that never fails to make you smile. Good food is like an indulgence, which you can never grow tired of. No wonder, gluttony is one of the seven sins. Pity!

In light of one of the most heavenly indulgences, a bunch of foodies decided to put their heads together to tap in their passion for food. World Food Chronicles is the place where food bloggers and writers can share their love for food. Be it fine dining in Kuala Lumpur, or the finger lickin’ street food from the streets of Lahore, World Food Chronicles is the journey every foodie takes, with every bite he takes. If you love food; if you love eating it, watching it being made, or writing about it, you’re like us. Join us on a mouth-watering journey, as we chronicle the gastronomical adventures of foodies from around the world.


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